George Zimmerman’s Gated Community

Crump, Julison, and the media tried to give the impression that George Zimmerman’s “gated” community was a wealthy white neighborhood and George was suspicious of Trayvon because he wasn’t accustomed to seeing black kids walking in the neighborhood.  The Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford is a community of townhouses which are moderately priced and multiracial.

The non-emergency tapes show that George did not call the police because a black teen was walking on the sidewalk going home, but because he saw someone up in the grass, close to houses just meandering and looking at the houses and possibly in the windows.  He did not know the race of the person until Trayvon walked over and circled his car.

Trayvon purchased candy at 6:30 and it was not until 7:00 that George saw him and called the police.  Trayvon had been wandering around in the rain for half an hour before George even saw him.   People caught rain usually tend to walk with purpose to get home quickly.  Of course, there’s no law against wandering around in the rain.  There was even a song written about it.    Nevertheless, it was unusual its not surprising that it caught the attention of a neighborhood watch volunteer.

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Prior to February 2012, George Zimmerman was a liberal Democrat and civil rights activist who not only voted for Obama but campaigned for him.  Yet, it’s mostly conservatives who defend him and believe he acted in self defense.

Another piece of irony is that Benjamin Crump, Ryan Julison, and the media made celebrities of George Zimmerman and other members of his family.  They didn’t ask to be celebrities.  It was forced upon them.  I’m sure they wish they could return to being known by only the people they’ve personally met.  Yet, I often see tweets by the very people who helped make them celebrities telling Robert Junior that he’s not a celebrity, as though he wants that status.

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I found this quote on The Conservative Treehouse. I like it. It reminds me of comments I’ve heard about religion such as, “Everyone has a different truth.”  I don’t think so. The truth just is and it is our job to find it.

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The Persecution of the Zimmerman Family

I find the persecution of the Zimmerman family to be horrific.  George isn’t the only Zimmerman having to hide because of death threats.  In March of 2012, Roseanne Barr tweeted the correct address and phone number of George’s parents, Gladys and Robert Zimmerman.  They immediately started getting death threats and had to leave their home.  The worst part is that they were caring for Gladys’ aging mother, who has Alzheimer’s Disease.  They haven’t been able to live in their house for about a year and a half but have had to continue to pay for the mortgage and taxes while also having to pay for a safe place to hide.  Even after they left, death threats continued to be left on their neighbors answering machines.  One threat specifically said he would slit Gladys’ throat.  Their expenses have been tremendous and they’re rapidly using up their life savings just trying to hide from those who threaten to kill them.  They have a web site that tells their story.  They also have a donation account set up for anyone who might want to help them.

As for George, I don’t know how he will ever be able to get a job to support himself. He is dependent on contributions to pay for him to hide from those who threaten to kill him.

Robert and Gladys

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George Zimmerman’s Parents Interview With Barbara Walters

ABCNEWS.COM – Robert and Gladys Zimmerman discuss the trial, the country’s reaction and their son’s future.

via George Zimmerman’s Parents Interview With Barbara Walters.

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Jack Cashill, If I had a Son

I think I have a new favorite author.

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