Ponder 1

To anyone who might wander by here and actually read this:  I am new at this.  I am experimenting and learning my way around word press.

I have been tremendously affected by the Zimmerman / Trayvon issue.  During the trial, I felt that God wanted me to pray for George’s protection.  I don’t understand why.  I just felt that strongly.  I am on the prayer team at my church.  I’m a big believer in Intercessory prayer. A line from Maxie Dunnam’s Intercessory Prayer Workbook has stuck with me for years, “what if…..what if there are some things that God either can’t do or won’t do until you first ask?”  I don’t know.  I don’t understand how God works.  I used to think that God didn’t really need our prayers, but what if.  What if?  I don’t take a chance.  I ask for intervention when I pass an accident on the highway, when I get prayer requests from church members, and certainly when I feel God is asking me to pray for someone.  I have never felt more strongly that God was asking me to pray for anyone more than during the Zimmerman trial.  While the jury was in session, I was in sustained and intense prayer.  I can only remember 2 other times my prayers have been that intense or sustained.  Once was when my daughter was having my first granddaughter.  I prayed intensely during the entire trip to the hospital, which was about 5 hours.  The second time was when my grandchildren were in a car accident and it was uncertain whether one grandson would make it.  I was out of state.  The family there rushed to the airport to get to where he was hospitalized.  I prayed intensely the entire way home.  He’d had a head injury and required brain surgery, which was successful.

The 3rd time was when the jury was in deliberation in the Zimmerman trial.  I had never met the man.  For some reason, I felt God was asking me to pray for him.  I prayed almost constantly while the jury was in session asking for the Holy Spirit to be present and active in the jury room.  After the acquittal, I continued to pray for God to protect George and his family for one more day.  That was the first thing I did when I woke up. The second thing I would do is turn on the computer and google “Zimmerman” hoping to see nothing new.  I kept hoping that he would be out of the news and forgotten about.  I prayed for Shellie, too.  I feared the court would try to hurt her because George was acquitted.  I was totally not expecting what happened.  I’d been praying that they could get on with their lives.  I was thinking that would be together.  I can’t judge anyone or wanting to get out of that situation.  I just hope that the settlement of the divorce doesn’t put George’s life in greater danger.


In my youth, I wanted to right all the wrongs in the world.  I eventually discovered I wasn’t that powerful and  by trying to do God’s job, I  neglected my own.  I often still wish I had the power to change the world, but then I remember the story of the farmer who criticized  God about the weather. God allowed him to control the weather for one year. The farmer was careful to order just the right amount of rain to feed the crops and not too much so they wouldn’t wash away.  He ordered just the right number of sunshine days.  To his surprise, he produced barren plants.  It was the worst crop year ever.  He had nothing.  He asked God what happened, and God said, “You forgot the wind.”  Without the wind, the crops could not pollinate and the plants were barren.

I make a lot of mistakes so it’s just as well that I try to do my job and let God do his.  Still, I see things and I ponder.


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