George Zimmerman, a Sacrificial Lamb?


I read an excellent blog today on Stately McDaniel Manor   Mike McDaniel said something that I’ve thought all along, that George was made the sacrificial lamb for all the racial sins in the history of our country. That has bothered me. One who probably had no racial sin was being sacrificed for what others had done. That bothered me a lot and I didn’t want to see it happen. I’m not so sure it didn’t happen.

Shellie said more than once in interviews that George was a changed man. His father pointed out that before that night in February 2012, George had a career, a marriage, a community, and a home. After the trial, which shouldn’t have happened, it was all gone….so was his mental health.

The public never knew him before he was thrust into the spotlight. For most people, there’s nothing to compare his current behavior to. People are not often understanding of those with post traumatic stress disorder even when they knew the person before. We’re much less understanding with people we meet after the damage. On top of that, PTSD is causing George to be seen very much in the same light that the media and the prosecution tried to paint him in. It’s not surprising that many who never knew him would think he was the same before February 2012.

George was not only made the sacrificial lamb for racial wrongs, but also for Benghazi, fast and furious, and the health care disaster. Our president and our attorney general played a part in the sacrifice because it took the attention off them. The media helped him.

Unless something changes drastically, this wasn’t an attempted sacrifice. The man has already been sacrificed and we’re just watching his complete destruction in slow motion.

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  1. jordan2222 says:

    The Pondering Observer

    I missed this.. but thanks for your contributions.

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