What part did GZ play?

There’s 2 problems with carrying out long debates on Twitter.  The first is that we’re limited to just  few words.  The other problem is that we inadvertently spam all our followers.  If you want to continue this discussion, we can do it here.

What part did GZ play?  He saw TM loitering around a house.  He was not walking down the sidewalk but up in the lawn on the grass and was just looking around and it was raining.  He drove past and pulled into a parking space by the club house so he could call the police.  He may have gotten TM’s attention by slowing down and observing him.  TM walked over to his truck and circled and looked at him.  Then he took off running.  When he started running, GZ jumped out of the car and followed him to where he turned and ran toward the townhouse his father was staying in.  GZ saw the direction he ran in, but lost sight of him.

The dispatcher had been  asking GZ questions about where he was but he couldn’t answer because he didn’t know the house numbers.  His truck was at the back of the houses.  He had gone as far as the beginning of the T.  TM turned there.  GZ had gone as far as the length of a house and yard.  He walked the rest of the way to where he could see the numbers on the houses.  That would be the short part of the T.  

TM confronted him on his way back to his car.  He asked him if he had a problem.  When GZ said he didn’t have a problem, TM said, “You do now.” and punched him.  When George fell to the ground, TM got on top of him and delivered mixed martial arts punches along with bashing his head against the pavement.

GZ squirmed trying to bet off the pavement to stop the head bashing.  That caused his gun to be visible. When TM saw it, he said, “You’re going to die tonight, MF.”  GZ got the gun first and fired.

Had GZ not gotten out of the car to see which way TM went, TM would be alive and George would not have his interrupted.  Had George not had a gun on his body, TM would have been arrested for assault and GZ would not have had his life interrupted.  He’d already called the police and knew they would be there soon.  Unfortunately, when TM saw the gun, there wasn’t time to wait for the police to get there.

You said something about teens taking off jackets and cell phones before fighting.  They only do that when there’s a mutually agreed on fight.  I have never been to one of those.  Oddly, they seldom invite adults to those planned fights.  We have a tendency to stop the fights when we know about them.  I have seen teens fight many times.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen them take off jackets.  They put whatever is in their hands in their pockets and they punch the guy they’re mad at.  If they have books in their hands, they drop the books.  That’s about it.

Most “fights” in high schools are really assaults and self defense. Schools don’t want to have to deal with trying to determine who committed the assault and who was defending himself after being assaulted, so they issue a zero tolerance rule about fighting and just punish both parties.  Kids grow up thinking that if someone pisses them off that they played an equal part in it and should get equal punishment just like in high school.  

Trayvon texted a friend that he’d been in trouble for “fighting” a kid who snitched on him. I doubt seriously if that was a “fight.”  Trayvon was angry because the kid told the administration things that got him in trouble.  Trayvon said that he won two “fights” with that kid.  They were really assaults.  He added that he didn’t make the kid bleed enough, so he’d have the kid would have to see him again.  In other words, he intended to assault the kid at least once more.  

So, what part did GZ play?  Not too long ago, when a woman got raped, people asked what she was doing there in the first place.  That’s pretty much what GZ’s role was in that. TM saw that he’d followed him a short distance.  He could have gone home.  He could have called for help if he’d been afraid.  He could have run away from GZ.  Instead, he ended up in a confrontation near GZ’s car and GZ was screaming for help.  A neighbor came out but was afraid to help.  In short, GZ was like the rape victim when people asked why she was there.  If GZ had not gotten out of the car, he wouldn’t have been vulnerable.


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14 Responses to What part did GZ play?

  1. Helt says:

    It’s a lovely story you’ve come up with I agree with most of it. Though like most people defending George Zimmerman you make a lot of assumptions that suit your worldview that there is no possible way for you to back it up. You step inside Trayvon Martins head and speak for him. You take what he wrote in a text and then say “what he really meant” If I wrote that you wrote this article as a recruitment tool for the KKK you would be able to confirm or deny what I wrote, Trayvon Martin has no chance to defend any slander or libel. Where did the story of Trayvon Martin saying “you are going to die tonight MF@ come from? His killer. Any independent witness to confirm or does it just fit what you are hoping to believe?

    Really you nailed the whole point in your last sentence. If George Zimmerman had have stayed in his car Trayvon Martin would have been safe. If he had called out from his truck Neighborhood watch Trayvon Martin would still be alive. If not for Goerge Zimmerman Trayvon Martin would still be alive. Trayvon may have been a troubled teen. Troubled teens usually grow up into decent men in given a chance. George Zimmerman took away Trayvons chance to grow up yet he tries to claim martyrdom. I asked you a question about entering a lions cage you did not answer that question. It’s a question fans of George Zimmerman never answer.

    I work security I have the last 20 years. I’ve seen bad security officers start fights then try and blame the other guy when it’s their own fault. I picture the conversation going like this

    GZ What are you doing here kid
    TM Home
    GZ You live around here? I don’t believe you
    TM Why not I live up the road
    GZ Bullshit you don’t look like you belong here you look like you are casing the place
    TM Why cause Im black?
    GZ You are dressed like a punk Move along
    TM You can’t do that Who are you?
    GZ Don’t get smart with me you little shit Punks like you are always causing trouble
    TM Who are you calling a punk?
    GZ I’m calling you a punk Get out of here I’ve called the cops
    TM You called the cops why did you do that what did I do?
    GZ You don’t belong here
    TM F that I live up the street You wanna see
    GZ I don’t what to see anything I want you to get out of here. Come on
    TM Im not going anywhere Im going home

    turns to leave GZ grabs sleeve

    GZ Don’t walk away from me punk
    TM Let go of me

    GZ pulls harder

    TM Let go of me Help! help

    GZ Shut up! Come on (Tries to restrain TM in MMA hold) Trayvon fights back from being restrained starts winning


    • The Pondering Observer says:

      Wow! I don’t know what to say except your comment is a classic example of projection. You accuse me of putting thoughts in TMs head and you come up with an elaborate imaginary dialog based on absolutely no evidence. In fact, it goes against all evidence. What I wrote is based on the evidence presented in the trial.

      • Ponder this says:

        If you call “Goerge said” evidence I guess your right 🙉🙊🙈

      • unitron says:

        “If you call “Goerge said” evidence I guess your right ”

        I’d spell it George and change your to you’re, but yes, what Zimmerman had to say about what happened is evidence.

        Evidence is or is not submitted, depending on the attorneys on one side or the other seeing it as helpful to their case or not, judges decide if it’s admissible or not, and then juries decide what weight to give it, i.e., they decide how much, if any, of it to believe, and to what extent.

        Prior to that, his statements would have been evidence for the police to consider and evaluate during their investigation.

        Perhaps you aren’t seeing the difference between evidence and absolute proof.

        Admittedly the account of events by someone looking to avoid being convicted shouldn’t be automatically taken as gospel, but neither should it automatically be dismissed as not possibly true just because it’s to the benefit of the defendant for it to be true.

    • hooson1st says:


      You make a valid point. There is a goodly of supposition on all sides as to what exactly the nature of the conversation between GZ and TM consisted.

      But to examine the logic of the conversation you have suggested above and to take it to its natural conclusion – the part of TM answering –

      “Im not going anywhere Im going home”

      could not possibly have taken place.

      Had TM been intent on going home, he would have gone home, and that fatal encounter minutes later with GZ would never have taken place.

  2. Ponder this says:

    I have been teaching in high school for 4 years. Did Middle school for 3. TM wouldn’t have approached a man to assault him with a loose hoodie on with a 22oz can in hoodie pocket & cell phone ear buds on. Look where phone ended up. Had TM went to punch gz the cell would’ve been in paints pocket. GZ is a liar. How did he get assaulted & knocked down at T, but large flashlight ended up next to TM body.

    • boricuafudd says:

      “TM wouldn’t have approached a man to assault him with a loose hoodie on with a 22oz can in hoodie pocket & cell phone ear buds on.” Really? Why? Because you don’t want to believe it? Did you know that Darryl Parks one of the Martin family’s attorney had no trouble believing it and said so on TV interview? Or that TM’s cousin said the same thing on her Facebook page, she also had no trouble believing that TM would assault GZ. Of course both felt that GZ following TM was enough justification for that but the point is that people who would know TM better believed it.

      • Ponder this says:

        Neither believed George claims. Parks as do I believed TM struck GZ at some point. If a strange man jumped out car after me when I ran….according to GZ when TM asked if he had a problem…GZ reaches for his pocket to pull out phone. Any reasonable person would be threaten by that action…You notice when police came GZ didn’t reach to put phone in pocket, but dropped it & raised hands. Officer would have shot GZ reaching for pocket, so is it not a reasonable reaction by TM to feel threaten & need to react???

      • boricuafudd says:

        You are obviously forgetting one thing, even according to Rachael, TM did not see GZ get out of his truck, so your scenario does not work. Secondly, if TM had not backtracked to confront GZ there would be no confrontation. You make it sound as if things happened sequentially without break, which was not the case.

        That they did not believe GZ is not as important as that they believed that TM did in fact hit GZ and that they felt it was justified.

    • Unicron says:

      You are failing to consider that Trayvon may not have been planning a prolonged assault.

      I believe his plan was a one punch knockout, and then to run back to Brandi’s condo. When that didn’t go as planned, and when instead of a satisfyingly unconscious nosy cracka laying on the ground out cold, from his one powerful punch… he actually had a screaming victim drawing all manner of attention, who actually, in his daze, ran TOWARD Trayvon’s destination, I think he improvised very poorly. I think everything he did after that was an attempt to get GZ unconscious, and quiet.

  3. nivico says:

    “…he intended to assault the kid [snitch] at least once more.”

    Or worse… recall that Trayvon was looking to purchase an illegal gun after he was suspended again for drug possession.

  4. Daryl Parks admitting 1) Trayvon started the fight 2) Trayvon was on top of George 3) Trayvon was in fact bashing George’s head on the sidewalk and 4) Trayvon was trying to cover George’s nose and mouth

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