Why GZ called police about TM

My main reason for creating this word press site is for Twitter discussions. It’s frustrating to try to have a discussion with limited words.

Tweet:  “Acknowledged. But why did he follow him? Would he do that to white kids out at 7 o’clock?”

Confrontation better? No need to be litigious with words here. TM was seen as threat by GZ.”

Okay, first, I don’t know George.  No one can ever say what anyone else would say or do in any situation.  It is clear, however, that GZ did not say, “there’s a black kid walking around at night in my neighborhood.”  He said that he saw someone up close to a house and he wasn’t really walking as though he was going somewhere, but just looking.  In his re-enactment the next day, he showed where TM was standing.  He wasn’t on the sidewalk but on the grass in the yard and up close to the house.  Most people would be suspicious of that.  He also added that he looked like he was on drugs.

Because GZ described TM’s behavior and not his skin color, I would think that if he was a white kid up close to a house and just hanging around the house in the rain that he would call the police.  There had been break ins and he asked the police to come out and check out the situation.

I would not really say it was a confrontation.  GZ followed a very short distance to see which way TM went.  The dispatcher asked which way he was going.  Then there was the discussion about where the police officer should meet him.  He lost site of TM.  Then TM surprised him.  


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