George Zimmerman’s Gated Community

Crump, Julison, and the media tried to give the impression that George Zimmerman’s “gated” community was a wealthy white neighborhood and George was suspicious of Trayvon because he wasn’t accustomed to seeing black kids walking in the neighborhood.  The Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford is a community of townhouses which are moderately priced and multiracial.

The non-emergency tapes show that George did not call the police because a black teen was walking on the sidewalk going home, but because he saw someone up in the grass, close to houses just meandering and looking at the houses and possibly in the windows.  He did not know the race of the person until Trayvon walked over and circled his car.

Trayvon purchased candy at 6:30 and it was not until 7:00 that George saw him and called the police.  Trayvon had been wandering around in the rain for half an hour before George even saw him.   People caught rain usually tend to walk with purpose to get home quickly.  Of course, there’s no law against wandering around in the rain.  There was even a song written about it.    Nevertheless, it was unusual its not surprising that it caught the attention of a neighborhood watch volunteer.

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